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Treating auto injuries, sports injuries, back pain, pregnancy issues, frozen shoulder, arthritis and more

Chiropractors use natural, drug-free, non-invasive methods to help the body heal, resist disease and stay well.

Our offices are located in Irvine and Newport Beach. Refer to our location page for addresses or contact information.

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Maintaining Optimal Health Naturally:
 Our philosophy is based on the holistic belief and fact that the human body has a natural ability to repair itself and maintain health. Our focus is on improving the patient's overall well being by restoring optimal nerve and spinal joint function and improving other factors that affect their health, including how to maintain a proper diet, get enough exercise and rest, and how to eliminate toxins from their environment. 
Chiropractors use natural, drug-free, non-invasive methods to help the body heal, resist disease and stay well. The doctors at Rettig Chiropractic help your body heal by restoring the ability of your nervous system to communicate with the muscles and organs so they can work at their peak efficiency. By ensuring that your spine is properly aligned, nerve transmissions from your brain can travel through a clear and unobstructed path to your entire body. Likewise, signals from your organs, muscles and other tissues are sent back to your brain without interference. This improves your overall health by allowing the body to apply its self-regulating and self-correcting mechanisms. When the spine becomes misaligned, communications through the nervous system can become obstructed or distorted, and diminishes the body's bility to operate at its full health potential. By gently correcting these misalignments,called subluxations,your body can be back on the path to recovery and overall better health. 
Our chiropractic staff has over 50 years of combined experience to accurately identify and treat the exact cause of your health problems. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to eliminate your symptoms and help you develop a lifetime strategy for maintaining good health and wellness.Call us at 949-559-7999 for an exam to find out how chiropractic can help.